Classic Invaders Released

Classic Invaders, the first game release from The No Quarter Arcade is now available as a free download.

Classic Invaders source packages

Classic Invaders Screenshot


Minor compilation remarks

Dear Mr. Todd Steinackle,

I've just downloaded and tried your implementation of the classic Space Invaders game. Very nicely done! Congratulations!

I'd also like to mention 2 minor compilation issues I had [1]:

1) The last parameter of the 7-parameter overload of TTFont::render_shaded is named 'fg_b', where you probably meant 'bg_b'. This was in ttf.h.

2) The symbol std::time requires the header in rand_num_gen.h.

That's all. Other than that, the experience's been smooth. Congratulations, again! I hope to learn from your project.

[1] Compiler used: g++ (Ubuntu 4.3.3-5ubuntu4) 4.3.3

Best regards!


Thanks for checking out the game, Ney André de Mello Zunino. And thanks for pointing out those two issues, you're right on both. I've never had any compilation issues due to 2, but I'm using an older release of g++.

Both these issues have been fixed.

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